Hatha yoga is an ancient form of yoga including asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercise) which bring peace to the body and mind.

The Hatha Yoga taught by Eliane is a gentle form of yoga. It is slower-paced and stretching-focused but also aims to strengthen the body and slow down the mind. Classes are structured to draw the awareness inwards, towards the breath, in order to connect the body and mind throughout the practice. All sessions end with a relaxation to soothe and re-energize.

Eliane will guide you through the asanas and pranayamas and provide options and variations matching your unique capabilities and health

Classes by Eliane

Thursday evening yoga. Soothing asanas to relax the body, its systems and to calm the mind suitable for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. 

Private Sessions - 1 to 1

This is perfect for you if you have a very busy schedule and are unable to commit to regular class or if you have a specific health conditions.  You will be guided into gentle and modified asanas that are supporting your health with the aim to increase wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

Private Sessions - Partner Yoga

Deepen stretches with the help of a partner can be a fun and bonding experience. Grow stronger together through yoga. Learn and appreciate each other's differences and find balance with yoga.