To My Father

26th October 2018
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27th October 2013
5th July 2016



This year I remember the day you were born

Not the one our hearts were torn

Didn't write for you last year

Cause there was no more tear

Too much to bear

Now most is in the rear

Many times I wished you were here

In this difficult atmosphere


You would cry with me a tear

Out of fear

That the boys’ soul

Could get a hole

You’d get me up and going

Keeping things rolling

Never stop hoping

Successful coping


Only when you love a child

You understand what drives a parent wild

The love for a child

Is the strongest kind


Their pain

My pain

Your pain

Our pain


Forgive me for causing you pain

Though it was not in vain

Just as the rain


I know you are proud

That I got out of the cloud

And learned to speak out loud

Strong and proud


Today we're celebrating

Happy 77th Birthday

Even if you’re far away

We remember you everyday


How I would love you to meet my friends

Who are not just following trends

But know how to build tents

Know how and when to hug and joke

Can be quiet when required

Maybe you sent them my way

To help me everyday

Because you are too far away


Today is a sad and happy day

Happy Birthday Papi

I love you.

27th October 2014

Papi, I love you

9 years today

Since you went away

It still seems like yesterday

But then sometimes far away

Like a blurry autumn day

You disappeared

Just like we all so badly feared


And every day

I wish you could see my boys play

In their cheeky boyish way

What would you say?

How would you play?

I miss you every day

They would make you proud

Even when shouting out loud

Till you hear them on your cloud

I know you keep an eye on them

Protecting them

Loving them

Hugging them

At night, when they dream

Coming from another realm

We sent balloons

To make your day

After celebrating Ioan's & Lucas' birthday

I hope they found their way

To the place you stay

Far away

But for now I'm on my way

Day after day

9 years today

It seems far away

But then again just like yesterday...

Your Fifeke

Another year passed

Since you passed

Another year today

And it still seems like yesterday

365 days

Lost in a maze

Hoping you found a place

Full of grace

After 10 years

I still have tears

I forget your face

When life goes at full pace

But if I go into that place

Within my heart, full of art

You become again a part

As if we were never apart

Oh how I wish you could take part

Hear the boys when they fart

Their laughter

Till the ever after

Their smiles

Extra miles

Their cries

Their cute little lies

Superhero spies

Always up for a surprise

Their love may rise

Till the skies

Papi, Grandpa, we love you