Imitate is what you do

Be fake


It'll take from you

A lot more energy

Than to be true


Never imagined

Different treatment

Sometimes indecent

Am not different

No ring on my finger

Is not a reason to linger

Doesn't justify touching

Even when drinking

Do some thinking

Or I'll show you my finger

Don't linger

A ring on my finger I miss

No excuse to steal a kiss

The ring is in a box

No more smelly socks

I'm still the same

Even more sane

Do I need to hold a cane?

Cause obviously some get a bit insane

Allthough I'm the same

Don't get insane

That's really lame

What a shame

In fact

I don't act

It's me

The only me I can be


Free to decide

In who's company I want to reside

Who I want by my side

I have pride


Is what I expect

Don't neglect

Your intelect