To you

Who, out of the blue

When a nightmare came true

Came to my rescue

I want to thank you

On 7th May

10 Weeks ago and a day

Bleed or die

Singapore was out of supply

No O negative platelets to come by

O positive platelets were the solution

Thanks to a special injection

There was no rejection

Doctors removed the appendix with infection

Thank you

Your platelets saved me

But more importantly

Saved my family

Thank you

Two boys

My biggest joys

Nothing will ever replace

Being face to face

Watching their silly race

On a daily base

It's a true grace

Thank you


Need their mother

More than toys

Through sorrows and joys

A mothers bliss

The daily kiss

They don’t need to miss

Thank you

Maybe we have met

Are connected through the internet

Maybe I looked into your eyes

Or have seen you in disguise

Maybe we will never meet

Anyway, you are special in deed

Thank you

I know your blood group

But dont know your favorite soup

No idea about your age group

You are everywhere

Here and there

Anyone I meet

I will greet

Without greed

It could be you

It’s true