Eliane Boving

Eliane is a nurse by profession and has developed a passion and curiosity for complementary healing methods early on in her life.

After moving from Switzerland to Singapore in 2007, she has worked in different industries but her passion for health care and complimentary therapies has never faded.

This is what led her to discover and appreciate BodyTalk. She became a certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2011.

She started practicing yoga back in Switzerland and continued while living in Singapore. She particularly enjoyed the benefits of yoga during pregnancy and postnatal. Throughout the years yoga has become a source of wellness for body and mind. It provided the necessary calmness and flexibility to face life’s challenges.

In 2018 she decided to leave her corporate job to invest in herself, her body, mind and spirit, and embarked on the journey to become a Yoga Instructor.

Eliane also has a gift called synaesthesia. Some of her senses are connected, which will allow her to experience certain things differently and more colorfully. She's a very creative person and this gift has certainly contributed to it. A couple of years ago she used words, poetry, to express and process emotions. Some of the poems can be found on the website too.

Eliane Stadelmann-Boving, Boheliane, Eliane Boving, Poet, Mother


(July 2016)

About me...

Born in the 80ties

Grown up in a country

Of chocolate and cheese

Quite easy to please

Love to travel

And unravel


Speak Swiss German, German, French, English

Some Dutch, Portuguese and very little Chinese

But still not speaking with ease


As a child

A bit wild

Scared of witches & ghosts

Now it's not ghosts, I fear most

But to live

Without the ones I love most


I used to be

In my head a lot

Neglecting my heart a lot



Is the harmony

Of heart and head

A symphony

Sometimes funny

Full of melancholy


No hierarchy

A melody


Now I find words

Like chords

They speak my heart

Emotions expressed

Make me feel a bit stressed

But it’s better than having them suppressed

And being depressed


I'm becoming heart smart

Poetry makes me feel less apart

It's an art







Sharing it

Is the meaning I give it


Who am I?

Below the sky


Of Ioan and his brother

A woman

Raising men


A woman

Believing that heaven

And hell

Can be on earth

And all living beings have the same worth


What goes around

Comes around

Endless waves



I'm more a synaesthete than an athlete

Don't like to compete

I'm already complete

Just uncovering

Parts of me

That were lingering and hiding

Till the time is right

To shine bright


The time is right.



But confident


But adventurous


But daring


Not rude

Sometimes fierce

With words that pierce


Since I was born


Not selfless

Walking barefoot

In the hood

Feels so good

Sometimes lost

In translation

Confused by human relation

Belonging to no nation

Believing in love

The beauty of a dove

The skies above

That's all about me

For now

I take a bow