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Living & forgiving


You might know

I write

What’s in my heart

I show

Not always polite


Thanks that you have come

Today, my fear I overcome


My fear

Of showing a tear

Today I don’t care

I dare

Thoughts & feelings I share



My Birthday

I make peace

Start my 30th something year with ease

The present

I want to give

To you and me

To live

And be free


Today I forgive

Let go

And live


I forgive

The difficult days

You made me live

Actions and/or words

That brought me hurts

I forgive


I’m grateful for the life lessons

And two beautiful sons


My boys I forgive

Their mischief

Of course I forgive

I’m very very very very grateful

For the joy, laughter and love they give


From North to south

west to east

Last but not least

It’s me, I forgive

My self imposed rules, standards and expectations

Didn’t’ let me live

Holding emotions back

Unable to give

Spark I did lack

I forgive


I forgive

Giving up

Our dream

Gone with the stream

Of life


I forgive me

Not to be

The mother I imagine I would be


My best I give

Every day

That’s all I can do anyway

I know you all do too


A new dream

A better today

I don’t regret yesterday


I’m grateful to be the boys' mother

Wouldn’t want any way other.


I forgive

Let go

And live


I wanna be positive

A few months ago

I didn’t know

If I would live

But a stranger decided to give

His blood positive

Thanks to it I live

And I forgive


For you all I wish

That you also can forgive

Me, yourself and others

mothers and brothers



Let it gooooo

And live


Let’s share a dish

Make a wish

Be childish and cherish

Before we perish


Thank you.

Eliane Boving

This was written with the intention to read it out loud during my birthday dinner. I didn't do it but believe that sometimes actions speak more than words and it was not necessary.

Reading a poem out loud is the next challenge on my list....

I'm sharing it now with all of you and hope it does something for you...

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